Botanical Inspired Gifts For Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12. This year I’m on the hunt for a gift that has a little more longevity than my typical go-to, which is a bouquet or plant of some sort. Since I don’t want to ditch the flower theme entirely, I gathered up a few botanical-inspired gift ideas that will last long after Mother’s Day. In my opinion, nothing beats a gift that keeps on giving and this gift guide has something for every mom out there.

Botanical Inspired Gifts For Mom
  1. A recipe box for the mom who’s favorite place is the kitchen.

  2. A natural scrub for the mom who deserves some R&R.

  3. A decorative candle for the mom who appreciates a cozy home.

  4. A floral stationery set for the mom who loves writing letters.

  5. A botanical print for the mom who loves the outdoors.

  6. A pretty phone case for the mom on the go.

So now that you have the gift handled, please be sure to check out our collection of cards for mom (and dad).

Renegade Craft Fair Fall Preview

And just like that, Labor Day has passed and fall is on the horizon. It's shaping up to be an eventful season and I'll be kicking things off this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. This is my fourth time participating in their fall fair on Division Street and it's always my favorite market of the year. Besides getting to sell a few blocks from home, meet my loyal supporters and make new friends, it's the perfect opportunity to discover new and amazing brands.

Here are a few that I've been eyeing and hope to check out...

I'm such a sucker for jewelry and homewares, but am always so impressed with the diversity of products at markets like this. There's something for everyone and definitely worth checking out if you're in the area. I provided more details below and you can find additional info and a full list of vendors here. Hope to see you there!

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! I am digging the extra dose of positivity, encouragement and support for one another that is flooding my Instagram feed today. It really makes my heart full to see women supporting women, and men doing the same too. I would love to start each day feeling this empowered, which is why I rounded up a few of my favorite products from female entrepreneurs that will serve as great daily reminders that we are all beautiful, strong and capable.  

support your local girl gang | evermore paper co

1. Girl Gang card by Daydream Prints
2. The Future is Female print by Dahlia Press
3. Zodiac Woman series by Sunday Lane Studio
4. Vive le Feminisme card by People I've Loved
5. Alliance print by Laura Berger
6. Girl Gang and Feminist buttons by Alphonnsine
7. The Future is Still Female notepad by Party of One Paper

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Minimalist

curated by Evermore Paper Co.

Over the years, Valentine's Day has taken on a new meaning for me. I now view it as a day to celebrate love in all it's forms as compared to the stress-inducing nightmare it was during my high school and college days. It's become a day filled with simple and maybe even slightly indulgent pleasures. Handwritten notes to friends and family and a romantic home-cooked meal with Travis have become the new norm.

Regardless of how and whom you celebrate with, here are a few of my picks to make this Valentine's Day even sweeter. It includes items from a few of my favorite makers as well as a few splurge-worthy goods for yourself...because we could all practice a little more self-love.

1. Set the tone with this vanilla and lavender candle from Simply Curated
2. Treat yourself to this dreamy blush wallet from Cuyana
3. Add some sparkle with this moonstone cuff from Lindsay Lewis
4. Surprise him with this lacy bralette from COS
5. Add some humor to your morning routine with this boob mug from And Here We Are
6. Send love notes with these modern cards from Evermore Paper Co. 
7. Enjoy a little r&r with this replenishing salt soak from Palermo Body

Office Refresh

Office Refresh via Evermore Paper Co.

You may know that I currently run Evermore Paper Co. from my home. I am lucky enough to have a designated office space to work from in which I can literally shut the door to (and often do) at the end of the work day. And while there are a great deal of advantages to working from home (going barefoot all day for one), there are an equal number of disadvantages (like not having enough storage space). With that said, I have high hopes of moving Evermore into a fancy new studio space sometime this year. Although it's still a bit of a ways off, I can't stop dreaming about how I would decorate it. I'm envisioning white walls and storage units with a combination of natural and gilded details throughout and of course, one seriously awesome rug to tie it all together. These are just a few of the items that I'm eyeing and you can also find more of my inspiration sources here. 

1. Chair  //  2. Clock  //  3. Basket  //  4. Scissors  //  5. Rug  //  6. Calendar  //  7. Letter File

Cozy + Bold Essentials

Cozy + Bold

We've been blessed with an uncharacteristically long fall here in Chicago...just as I had hoped for. I've even been able to surprisingly go without a coat for most of it through careful layering. But now that we've pushed the clocks back, the signs of cooler days ahead could not be any more apparent. I am looking forward to spending more quality time at home and surrounding myself with these cozy and bold essentials. 

1. This site is full of beautiful ways to preserve your memories from the year. 
2. A cute marble tray for serving homemade sweets.
3. I'm ready to reintroduce woodsy scents into my home.
4. I'll be celebrating 6 years with my guy this month and this card pretty much sums it up.
5. Another blanket scarf to add to my collection.
6. These socks are like sweaters for your feet.
7. It'd be fun to attempt to knit a pillow like this one...but I'll probably just end up buying it. 
8. The perfect November look, including one awesome shearling coat

Fresh Finds For Fall

Fresh finds for fall via Evermore Paper Co.

Today marks the first day of fall! I've mentioned before that this is my favorite time of year and now that I am finished with several big events, I'm excited to fully embrace the season ahead. The days are still warm here, but I can certainly sense that change is in the air. The trees are starting to look a little crispy and the nights have been cooling off enough for me to sleep with the windows open. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it continues like this for a while and that we have a long fall. In the meantime, here are some recent finds that are perfect for the transition into those cooler months.  

1. Suede ankle booties . . . I'm sold!
2. Finally got my hands on a Dalmatian Jasper Elder Necklace from Michelle Starbuck Designs
3. This soothing foot scrub does wonders for calloused feet and smells like the mountains.
4. A beautiful cheese board to compliment a cozy night indoors. 
5. I plan on sticking with neutral polish a bit longer before switching to something moody.  
6. This sweater jacket is such a great transitional piece. 
7. The perfect planner to organize your year-end goals.

Etsy Finds: Celestial Goods

There have been quite a few celestial goods popping up in my Etsy feed lately. From the sun and moon to the zodiac signs and beyond, these are just a few of the gems that have caught my attention. I love how they perfectly compliment one another and think it would be so cool to combine these prints on a gallery wall. 

Click here to see more of my favorites and to follow me on Etsy. 

Product sources: Worthwhile Paper  |  Luna Reef  |  A Little Lark  |  Sycamore Street Press  | Vintage Stamp Jewels  |  Archie's Press

Monochromatic Home

Monochromatic Home | Evermore Paper Co.

I think it's a well-know fact that I'm a tad obsessed with neutral colors. There's just something about a monochromatic palette that is so pleasing to me. Here are a few recent finds for the home that are perfect for those who are just as in love with graphic patterns and natural colors as I am. 

Sources: Tea Towel  //  Table  // Stoneware Vessel  //  Art Print  //  Pillow

Etsy Faves // Gray Minimal Home Goods

After a week-long vacation in Colorado and a summer jam-packed with shows, I am settling into fall and enjoying these quiet weeks leading up to the holiday madness. I realize this blog has taken a beating during the last few months and I hope to change that in the months ahead. Slowly, but surely, I am getting better at managing my schedule and I plan to use the little time I find here and there to share more with you. 

And, since I have the tendency to overcommit myself, I plan to post 2 or so times a week until it becomes more of a habit. For starters, I wanted to share some of my latest favorites from Etsy. I think the cooler days are drawing me towards these moody grays. I especially love the textures and how well each item looks on a neutral background. As my tastes evolve, I hope that one day my home will be a blank canvas filled with beautiful items like these. 

Ceramic Bowls // ONEandMANY
Soap // Herbivore Botanicals 
Pillowcase // 5CHomeDecor
Blanket // kibster

Stamp Happy

stamp happy // via evermore paper co.

I think one of the best investments I've made for my business was getting a custom stamp made with my logo and website. It's no joke when I say I use it on everything. Each of my cards are hand-stamped on the back and I also have the tendency to cover my packaging and anything else I can get my hands on with it. I've been looking to expand my collection and am loving the availability of options for both personal and business uses. From return address and packaging stamps to customized business card and save-the-date stamps, these beauts are a practical and cost-effective option when compared to printing . . . A win-win in my book!

1. Stamps // Oh, Hello Friend
2. Postmark Stamp // Besotted Brand
3. Save-The-Date Stamp // Hunter & Co. Designs
4. Business Card Stamp // Stationery Boutique
5. Return Address Stamp // Sycamore Street Press

Color Crush: Coral

I have a major color crush on coral right now. Ever since I laid my eyes on this coral paper from Paper Source, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. There are so many variations of it, but I am especially digging the shades that are peachy and a bit neon all at once. I'm looking forward to grabbing a bottle of that nail polish the next time I'm out and oh my, those shorts are just amazing. 

shoes  //  lip gloss  //  bracelet  //  shorts  //  nail polish
notecards  //  headphones  //  throw blanket