Office Refresh

Office Refresh via Evermore Paper Co.

You may know that I currently run Evermore Paper Co. from my home. I am lucky enough to have a designated office space to work from in which I can literally shut the door to (and often do) at the end of the work day. And while there are a great deal of advantages to working from home (going barefoot all day for one), there are an equal number of disadvantages (like not having enough storage space). With that said, I have high hopes of moving Evermore into a fancy new studio space sometime this year. Although it's still a bit of a ways off, I can't stop dreaming about how I would decorate it. I'm envisioning white walls and storage units with a combination of natural and gilded details throughout and of course, one seriously awesome rug to tie it all together. These are just a few of the items that I'm eyeing and you can also find more of my inspiration sources here. 

1. Chair  //  2. Clock  //  3. Basket  //  4. Scissors  //  5. Rug  //  6. Calendar  //  7. Letter File

Current Mood: Graphic Yet Soft

Mood board via Evermore Paper Co.

Here's a look at the latest mood board on display in my studio. I love bringing my pins to real life and letting them keep me inspired day in and day out. Right now I am really digging the combination of bold textures and lettering with subdued illustrations and palettes. As always, I'm enjoying the process of playing with new methods in an effort to bring some of this prettiness into my work. I can't wait to see it all come together and to show you the end result. In the meantime, you can see more of what inspires me here on Pinterest.