DIY: 5 Easy Gift Wrap Upgrades

I'm the type of person who enjoys wrapping gifts as much as, if not more than, I like to shop for them. Each year I come up with a theme and it always puts a little smile on my face to see all the matching gifts piled under the tree. To no surprise, I am going with a woodland theme this year and will be using what's left of the wrapping paper I created for the Renegade Craft Fair. And since I can never stop with just gift wrap, here are 5 easy upgrades that I plan to use for an added personal touch:

1. Cotton ribbon (Above): This year I am swapping out my standard curling ribbon for cotton ribbon. The cotton goes much better with my natural theme and I love how such a simple switch gives each gift a more high-quality, store-wrapped look. 

2. Hand-lettered gift tags: I've always loved making homemade gift tags and think that it shows that you put some extra thought into your wrap. Here's a great tutorial that demonstrates how to fake the calligraphy look. I also like the idea of using only the recipient's first initial. 

3. Natural elements: I had some extra pinecones lying around and love how they tie in with my theme perfectly. I also plan on snipping some cedar and pine branches for additional freshness. 

4. Shredded paper filler: I've started replacing tissue paper with shredded paper and think that it makes the presentation look much prettier. Like the ribbon, this is another simple upgrade that gives your gift a more professional touch.

5. Ornament embellishments: I try to avoid using bags around the holidays but sometimes there's just no better option, or I'm simply short on time. When that's the case, I like to tie an ornament or two for some added bling and as an extra gift. It's an easy improvement that works great for wine bottles too!