Overcoming my camera-phobia

I'm still working to develop my photography skills and slowly I am starting to become more comfortable behind the lens. Since reshooting my product photos in January (more on that here), I've become much more conscious of the impact your styling can have in conveying your brand image. Whereas before I wrongly assumed you could throw a bunch of items in the scene and a styled photo would pop out, I have since learned that achieving that perfectly unstyled/"I just threw this together" shot is much more of an art than a science. 

Since then I've experimented a lot with various props, backgrounds, lighting situations, angels, etc. And while my style is still evolving, I realize that it will be an ever changing thing. As a result, I am much more prone to pick up the camera these days and I'm constantly looking for new ideas and ways to add my own unique touch to my photos. Another thing that has helped me overcome my camera-phobia is to keep it along with all my products and props neatly organized and nearby. That way when the urge or need to take a photo comes, I'm ready to go.

Here's a look at just a few of my favorite styling props as of lately. What are your go to props and tips for being camera ready at all times?