Cozy + Bold Essentials

Cozy + Bold

We've been blessed with an uncharacteristically long fall here in Chicago...just as I had hoped for. I've even been able to surprisingly go without a coat for most of it through careful layering. But now that we've pushed the clocks back, the signs of cooler days ahead could not be any more apparent. I am looking forward to spending more quality time at home and surrounding myself with these cozy and bold essentials. 

1. This site is full of beautiful ways to preserve your memories from the year. 
2. A cute marble tray for serving homemade sweets.
3. I'm ready to reintroduce woodsy scents into my home.
4. I'll be celebrating 6 years with my guy this month and this card pretty much sums it up.
5. Another blanket scarf to add to my collection.
6. These socks are like sweaters for your feet.
7. It'd be fun to attempt to knit a pillow like this one...but I'll probably just end up buying it. 
8. The perfect November look, including one awesome shearling coat