Shop Talk: Branding Part 1

Evermore brand mood board

If there's one thing that I've flipped flopped the most on since launching Evermore Paper, it would be my branding. Since opening, I've realized that as an online retailer, you are presented with very few opportunities to make a lasting impression on your customers and provide them with a sense of what your brand stands for. I have found that the three main ways that this can be achieved, is through the following:

1. Visuals (aka your logo, brand imagery, web design, photographs, etc.) - I like to think of this category as all of the things that the customers can see, but can't touch. 
2. Products & Packaging (aka the goods or items you're selling) - Opposite of the visuals, this is the bones of your business, and everything that the customers can see and touch.   
3. Marketing (aka website copy, newsletters, blog posts, social media presence, etc.) - Everything else pretty much falls into this category and I consider this the brains of the operation or the place where your voice and personality come through. 

Today, I want to talk about the first item, mainly because this is the area where I've struggled the most and because it also impacts the latter two (which I will cover in later posts). In the beginning, I was drawn to bold lettering, arrows, and black and white, which are all evident in my logo and website today. As time has passed, my tastes have shifted slightly and I am now looking for ways to make the symbolic elements of my brand more apparent throughout my shop and website and easily recognizable by customers. I've been playing with a lot of different ideas and while I'm still drawn to the original ones, I've added some new elements, including greenery, stripes and metallic hues to my branding wish list.

I understand that a brand is an ever-changing thing and I created the brand board above to serve as a visual aid as I continue to develop the right imagery for Evermore. I think I am on the right track and am excited for the ideas to manifest into reality. Stay tuned to see the final results of my branding makeover. 


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