Inside My Process: Paring It Down

A peek at some new work from Evermore Paper Co.

Here's a little process shot of some new work. I'm typically a very organized person, but when I get into creative mode, my studio space fills up very quickly with little piles of paper full of ideas, sketches and notes. After months of toiling away on new designs, I feel like I am left with a giant puzzle. Hundreds of doodles, brushstrokes and letters that I keep arranging and rearranging into my next collection. It's certainly a process paring it down, especially since I find it difficult to part with any work I've created, but slowly it is all starting to come together. The truth is, I just need to stop being so indecisive. Ha! Well stay tuned...and if there's anything you would like to see from me going forward please feel free to tell me so in my shop survey

New Directions

New directions via Evermore Paper Co.

I am currently working on my next collection and with that comes a lot of sketching and experimentation. I keep gravitating to my brushes and can't stop painting abstract marks and textures. Everything I've made lately is pretty much the polar opposite of the work I've done in the past, which consists of very clean lines and precise cuts.

It's certainly fun to let loose like this, especially after two years of being very intentional with my designs so that they would stand up to my cutting process. It's important to me that everything in my line looks cohesive, so I definitely have my work cut out for me trying to fit all the pieces together. I think it's safe to say there are some changes coming and that I'm very excited about the new direction I'm headed in. 

New directions via Evermore Paper Co.
New directions via Evermore Paper Co.

Inspiration // Moroccan Design

Moroccan Design Inspiration // Evermore Paper Co.

I always think it's interesting how and when inspiration strikes. Here I am in the midst of holiday production madness and I can't stop thinking about Moroccan architecture and textiles. I am completely enamored with the intricacies of the tile work and facades in these images. And while my style tends to be more on the minimal side, I found a few Moroccan-inspired pieces that can be easily be incorporated into my home and wardrobe. Next up, is trying to find a way to translate these designs into my work. Stay tuned...

Images 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
Vase // Rug // Shirt // Pouf

Floral Wreath Art Print

Here's a glimpse of an art print that I am currently working on. I had to get a bit creative with the design so that the final piece would come out as one sheet without a million pieces needing to be glued into place. I'm happy with the end result and how I'm slowly coming up with little tricks that allow me to add more detail to my designs. I have also started playing around with other mediums in combination with the papercuts and I'm excited to show you my progress there as well. Meanwhile, I'm a little stuck on what, if anything, should be added to the center of the wreath here. I was thinking maybe a quote or allowing shoppers to customize it with their initial or monogram. What are your thoughts?