Office Refresh

Office Refresh via Evermore Paper Co.

You may know that I currently run Evermore Paper Co. from my home. I am lucky enough to have a designated office space to work from in which I can literally shut the door to (and often do) at the end of the work day. And while there are a great deal of advantages to working from home (going barefoot all day for one), there are an equal number of disadvantages (like not having enough storage space). With that said, I have high hopes of moving Evermore into a fancy new studio space sometime this year. Although it's still a bit of a ways off, I can't stop dreaming about how I would decorate it. I'm envisioning white walls and storage units with a combination of natural and gilded details throughout and of course, one seriously awesome rug to tie it all together. These are just a few of the items that I'm eyeing and you can also find more of my inspiration sources here. 

1. Chair  //  2. Clock  //  3. Basket  //  4. Scissors  //  5. Rug  //  6. Calendar  //  7. Letter File

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

Earlier this week I shared my favorite Cinco de Mayo party ideas and today I'm pretty much pulling a 180 and doing the same for the Kentucky Derby. Moving from bright colors and festive decor to more subdued hues and preppy patterns. I love spending the day at the racetrack and everything that comes with it, including...

1. Summery dresses
2. Floppy hats
3. Equestrian-inspired pattens
4. Preppy details
5. Mint juleps (or in this case a peach alternative) and mint ice cubes
6. Fun backyard games 

Easter DIY Ideas

Easter DIY Ideas

I've been trying to come up with a cute Easter DIY and in my attempts I realized that I tend to decorate more for the seasons than I do for specific holidays. For instance, I like to fill the apartment with cedar branches and pinecones in the Winter and in the Spring I shift to fresh flowers and pretty potted plants. In the end, my Easter DIY attempts proved to be fruitless as most of my ideas were cheesy and not something I'd actually display in my home. So I rounded up a few ideas here that I would like to give a try in the future or modify for other holidays or occasions. I especially love the place setting ideas and how they can double as party favors. 

Bunny Placecards  //  Ombre Eggs  //  Felt Soap Bars  //  
Eggshell Seedlings  //  Frosted Cookie

Floral Wreath Art Print

Here's a glimpse of an art print that I am currently working on. I had to get a bit creative with the design so that the final piece would come out as one sheet without a million pieces needing to be glued into place. I'm happy with the end result and how I'm slowly coming up with little tricks that allow me to add more detail to my designs. I have also started playing around with other mediums in combination with the papercuts and I'm excited to show you my progress there as well. Meanwhile, I'm a little stuck on what, if anything, should be added to the center of the wreath here. I was thinking maybe a quote or allowing shoppers to customize it with their initial or monogram. What are your thoughts?

Cozy Winter Whites

I just returned home last night (actually it was more like this morning due to delays) from a winter wonderland in the Rockies to the arctic tundra that is now the Midwest. And despite having been on vacation for nearly 2 weeks and feeling well-rested and relaxed, there is nothing more that I want to do right now then cozy up with a knitted throw and some hot tea. And while the sub-zero temperatures may have me locked indoors for the next few days, I'm feeling quite inspired by the wintery white vibe going on outside. Sending warm thoughts your way with this collection of cozy white items and spaces. 

1. Chair / 2. Scarf / 3. Sweater / 4. Mug / 5. Sheepskin / 
6. Throw / 7. Socks / 8. Wool Poof / 9. Fireplace

NYE Starry Night Dinner Party

For the last few years my New Year's Eve plans have consisted of traveling to snowy cabins in the wood or mountains with close friends and cozying up with some hot toddies and board games in our warm, and occasionally ridiculously-patterned, sweaters. And while this year's plans won't be much different, it doesn't mean that I don't miss the days of getting glammed up and spending a night on the town. I've always wanted to host a fancy NYE dinner party and think that a starry night theme would provide the perfect backdrop for ringing in the new year. I envision dark and sultry decor combined with all the glitter and sparkle that makes the evening so special.

1. Hanging Decor / 2. Balloons / 3. Sparklers / 4. Place Setting / 5. Confetti / 
6. Placemat / 7. Star Confetti