June Mood

May disappeared in a flash and I attribute that to the fact that I’ve had my head down working on a new project that I’m quite excited about. I plan to share more in the coming months, but in the meantime it’s caused me to think a lot about the early days of Evermore. I always say that I wish I knew everything then that I know now, but I suppose that would take all the fun out of growing this business into what it’s become. It’s been a long, winding journey and for the first time in a while, if not ever, I’m feeling really confident with the systems I’ve put in place and the routine I’ve created.

So much so, that I decided to treat myself with half day Fridays this summer. I used to think that being successful meant constant busyness, but since starting Evermore my thoughts have shifted quite a bit and I now believe that success means being able to take breaks. With that said, I’m so looking forward to the extra time to enjoy the summer months ahead and to unwind, explore, and just be. And as a result, I’m feeling especially inspired by all those feelings tied to summer, especially thoughts of cool water, bright citrus, bare skin, glowing skies, warm breezes and airy scenery.

June Mood

You can see more of my latest inspiration over on Pinterest.

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April Mood

Normally I find the transition to spring to be a bit awkward, especially given how unpredictable the Chicago weather can be (seriously what do I even wear right now?). However, this April is off to a fairly pleasant start and I find myself wrapping my arms around those tiny signs that summer is on its way. So far it’s been a refreshing month filled with lots of moments of creativity which I’ve been channeling towards my next release. I’m currently focused on adding more desktop tools and home goods to my collection and hoping to strike the perfect balance between function and beauty.

April Mood Board

March Mood

Next week I’ll be launching some new spring products and I wanted to share the inspiration behind it all. Lately, I’m all about effortless daily style and imperfect brush illustrations and have worked to create a thoughtful collection that will seamlessly fit into everyday life. I also aimed to create a color palette that feels fresh and will provide the perfect transition into springtime. I’ve had a thing for rust for some time now, but am recently drawn to dusty blues and pale grays. I can’t wait to reveal all the new items very soon!

spring inspiration mood board | evermore paper co.

In the meantime, you can view more of my latest inspiration on Pinterest or see some behind the scenes shots on Instagram.

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Inside My Process: Finding Inspiration

Abstract art inspiration via Evermore Paper Co.

As I begin to dream up new ideas for my next collection, I feel like a sponge trying to soak up everything around me. I get into these phases where I see inspiration everywhere and suddenly can't keep up with my ideas. Let's be honest, this is an awesome spot to be in as an artist. Right now I am especially drawn to rich palettes, brushstroke patterns and irregular shapes. With that said, I think it's safe to say that my new designs will be exploding with abstract details. 

Here's a peek at some of the artists that I am currently inspired by:

  1. Poppy Coomber
  2. Rosemarie Auberson
  3. Damien Tran
  4. Georgiana Paraschiv
  5. Landon Metz
  6. Rebecca Atwood

You can also find more of my inspiration sources on my art and color boards on Pinterest. 

Give Yourself A Break

How to beat creative ruts via Evermore Paper Co.

Let's face it . . . creative ruts happen. Whether you're up against a deadline or working on new products, posts, you name it, suffering from a lack of ideas or feeling generally uninspired can be really frustrating (or at least for me it is). Or perhaps, you're working too hard and nearing burnout. Whatever the case is, I've often found that the best medicine is to take a step back from the work itself and give yourself and your mind a little break. Here are some of my go-to methods for helping to get those creative juices flowing again: 

1. Go on a walk. Fresh air. Enough said.

2. Create for the fun of it. Take time to do something that feels less like work and more like fun. Lately, I've been dabbling in some macrame because tying tons of little knots is wildly therapeutic to me. 

3. Read a book or listen to a podcast. I tend to focus a lot on biz-related books and casts (like The Lively Show) with hopes that I'll discover a lesson that I can apply to my own work. Also, I just really enjoy hearing other people's success stories. 

4. Go to a museum or exhibit. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like admiring the work of the great classics. 

5. Explore somewhere new. I like to play tourist in my own city all the time. Letting your eyes see new things can do wonders for the mind. 

6. Take a class. I think its so important that you always keep learning. I've recently become hooked on Skillshare

7. Experiment with a new medium. There's no pressure because you're just a beginner and perhaps you'll even stumble into an idea that you can incorporate into your work.

8. Get a good night's rest. Chances are your brain is just zapped and needs time to digest everything you've been feeding it lately. 

9. Document your surroundings or create a mood board. Looking more closely at the things around me often helps me discover new themes to work with. 

10. Drink some wine. Let's be honest . . . sometimes you just need a nice tall glass of red to ease the process. 

Please share if you have any tips or tricks that you use to help avoid a creative rut. I'd love to hear them!

Current Mood: Graphic Yet Soft

Mood board via Evermore Paper Co.

Here's a look at the latest mood board on display in my studio. I love bringing my pins to real life and letting them keep me inspired day in and day out. Right now I am really digging the combination of bold textures and lettering with subdued illustrations and palettes. As always, I'm enjoying the process of playing with new methods in an effort to bring some of this prettiness into my work. I can't wait to see it all come together and to show you the end result. In the meantime, you can see more of what inspires me here on Pinterest.