Upcoming Markets in Brooklyn + Chicago

Upcoming markets | Evermore Paper Co.

It's been quite busy in these parts as I prep for back-to-back craft fairs. First up is Renegade Brooklyn, followed by Renegade Chicago. I depart tomorrow for NYC and am looking forward to my first show on the east coast. It's always a fun experience getting to travel with my goods and meet new customers and other sellers. I also hope to squeeze in as many delicious meals and scenic walks as possible. Then I return home for Renegade Chicago, which takes place on Division Street in Wicker Park. This was my favorite market last year and I expect it to be nothing short of amazing this year. If you plan on attending, please make sure to come say hi!

For more details and a roster of all the sellers that will be participating at each fair, please check out the Renegade Craft Fair website.  

Image via Renegade Craft Fair