Printable Christmas Wrapping Paper

minimal hand-lettered holiday gift wrap | free download

I'm slowly making progress on my gift shopping, which is a huge improvement and a bit of a relief compared to where I was a few days ago. To be honest, I am doing the majority of it online this year, since I only lasted about an hour during an unsuccessful outing over the weekend. I'm fairly patient when it comes to traffic and mobs of people, but combine that with a cold and let's just say I would have been better off if I had stayed in bed.

I did however manage to snag some festive gift wrap. I typically go for more subdued tones at the holidays, but thought a bold pattern would be a fun alternative this year. I went ahead and created this pretty hand-lettered gift wrap to compliment it and turned it into a free printable for you to use as well. There are two sizes available for download depending on your printer's capabilities. Hopefully it makes you just as excited as I am to wrap your gifts. 

DOWNLOAD: 8.5 x 11" paper

DOWNLOAD: 13 x 19" paper

minimal hand-lettered holiday gift wrap | free download
minimal hand-lettered holiday gift wrap | free download

Also, as a reminder, I am hosting a Holiday DIY Workshop tonight at the Market by Foxtrot from 6-8pm. We'll be making poms, tassels and paper ornaments to give your gifts and decor an extra special handmade touch this season. There are still a few spots available if you would like to join us. You can find the complete details here

Free Download: XO Valentine's Day Cards and Gift Wrap

Free Valentine's Day Printables | Evermore Paper Co.

Yesterday I spent most of the day creating hand-painted textures and lettering for some new designs. After hours of scanning and digitizing my work, I grew a little restless and decided to turn some of my lettering into these cute greeting card and gift wrap printables for Valentine's Day. I love the simplicity of this pattern and hope it'll help you add a sweet little touch to your notes and gifts this Valentine's Day. 

Free Valentine's Day Printables | Evermore Paper Co.
Free Valentine's Day Downloads | Evermore Paper Co.

Each download is available as an 8.5" x 11" PDF. I recommend printing the greeting cards on thicker card stock. You can use the trim marks as a guide when cutting to the final size of 8.5" x 5.5". Once cutting is complete, fold the card in half. For the gift wrap, I recommend using copy paper to make wrapping easier.  

DOWNLOAD | Black & White Greeting Card

DOWNLOAD | Blush & White Greeting Card

DOWNLOAD | Black & White Gift Wrap

DOWNLOAD | Blush & White Gift Wrap

DIY Embroidered Tote Bag

Postal Tote // Evermore Paper Co.

This tote has been sitting in a box in my office for quite some time. Recently, it came in very handy as I was lugging a bunch of orders to the post office. I decided why not put it to regular use, but with a little upgrade of course. So I put my tiny hands to work embroidering some cute postal markings. I even gave it a personal touch by including the date I launched my Etsy shop. I love how it looks now and I can't wait to skip off to the post office with it now. 

Stamp Happy

stamp happy // via evermore paper co.

I think one of the best investments I've made for my business was getting a custom stamp made with my logo and website. It's no joke when I say I use it on everything. Each of my cards are hand-stamped on the back and I also have the tendency to cover my packaging and anything else I can get my hands on with it. I've been looking to expand my collection and am loving the availability of options for both personal and business uses. From return address and packaging stamps to customized business card and save-the-date stamps, these beauts are a practical and cost-effective option when compared to printing . . . A win-win in my book!

1. Stamps // Oh, Hello Friend
2. Postmark Stamp // Besotted Brand
3. Save-The-Date Stamp // Hunter & Co. Designs
4. Business Card Stamp // Stationery Boutique
5. Return Address Stamp // Sycamore Street Press

DIY // Envelope Liners

DIY envelope liners // evermore paper co.

I've been working on some custom projects lately and have become quite smitten with adding envelope liners to the end result. It's such an easy upgrade to make to an invite suite and always a nice surprise for the recipient. I also love how it allows you to express your style even further. I've created my own templates and thought why not share them with you. They'll fit most 4 bar, A2 and A7 envelopes, especially those from Paper Source. You can download the templates and directions here. And since I love looking at pretty paper, please feel free to tag your results with #evermorediy. 

DIY envelope liners // evermore paper co.
DIY envelope liners // evermore paper co.
DIY envelope liners // evermore paper co.

Textile Wall Hangings

I am currently obsessing over textile wall hangings. It seems like these yarn, wool, woven, and tassel beauties are popping up everywhere lately. I love seeing an artisan craft like this make a revival and I'm currently eyeing a big ol' wall in my office that would make the perfect home for one. I'm hoping my DIY skills are up for the challenge because I think it would be really fun to make one myself. Meanwhile, here's a look at some work from the pros and a few tutorials for making your own:

1. Pretty plum-colored weave via Maryanne Moodie
2. DIY copper wall hanging via Smitten Studio
3. Nude Mesa weave via All Roads Design
4. Tasseltry via Hackwith Design House
5. DIY yarn & copper wall hanging via designlovefest

Easter DIY Ideas

Easter DIY Ideas

I've been trying to come up with a cute Easter DIY and in my attempts I realized that I tend to decorate more for the seasons than I do for specific holidays. For instance, I like to fill the apartment with cedar branches and pinecones in the Winter and in the Spring I shift to fresh flowers and pretty potted plants. In the end, my Easter DIY attempts proved to be fruitless as most of my ideas were cheesy and not something I'd actually display in my home. So I rounded up a few ideas here that I would like to give a try in the future or modify for other holidays or occasions. I especially love the place setting ideas and how they can double as party favors. 

Bunny Placecards  //  Ombre Eggs  //  Felt Soap Bars  //  
Eggshell Seedlings  //  Frosted Cookie

Free Printable Recipe Card

Is it crazy to say that I really don't mind the cold weather right now? Maybe I should mention that I've really only had to venture out into it once in the last three days, but I've been finding all sorts of things to keep me busy at home. For instance, the other night I discovered that I had all the essential ingredients on hand for some chocolate chip cookies and meanwhile realized that my recipes could use some organizing. This was pretty much a win-win situation for me, since I love baking and organizing things. My mom gave me a great recipe binder a few years ago, but I've since run out of recipe cards. I decided to make some of my own and since I figured many of you are probably in the same boat as me, I made it available for download here. It's double-sided and measures 6 x 4 inches and can easily be printed on a blank index card or the card stock of your choice. 

Happy baking & organizing!

DIY: 5 Easy Gift Wrap Upgrades

I'm the type of person who enjoys wrapping gifts as much as, if not more than, I like to shop for them. Each year I come up with a theme and it always puts a little smile on my face to see all the matching gifts piled under the tree. To no surprise, I am going with a woodland theme this year and will be using what's left of the wrapping paper I created for the Renegade Craft Fair. And since I can never stop with just gift wrap, here are 5 easy upgrades that I plan to use for an added personal touch:

1. Cotton ribbon (Above): This year I am swapping out my standard curling ribbon for cotton ribbon. The cotton goes much better with my natural theme and I love how such a simple switch gives each gift a more high-quality, store-wrapped look. 

2. Hand-lettered gift tags: I've always loved making homemade gift tags and think that it shows that you put some extra thought into your wrap. Here's a great tutorial that demonstrates how to fake the calligraphy look. I also like the idea of using only the recipient's first initial. 

3. Natural elements: I had some extra pinecones lying around and love how they tie in with my theme perfectly. I also plan on snipping some cedar and pine branches for additional freshness. 

4. Shredded paper filler: I've started replacing tissue paper with shredded paper and think that it makes the presentation look much prettier. Like the ribbon, this is another simple upgrade that gives your gift a more professional touch.

5. Ornament embellishments: I try to avoid using bags around the holidays but sometimes there's just no better option, or I'm simply short on time. When that's the case, I like to tie an ornament or two for some added bling and as an extra gift. It's an easy improvement that works great for wine bottles too! 


DIY: Moss-Covered Wreath

There must be some law of crafting that states the messier the project, the more fun you have creating it. This certainly was the case with this easy DIY. I even considered sharing a photo of what my floor looked like once my wreath was complete, but was just too embarrassed by how out of control things had gotten. That aside, I am completely in love with the end result. I especially like how this project required little skill and the fact that you can display your wreath year-round simply by altering the decor. I plan to replace the fall foliage with acorns in the winter, a miniature bird's nest in the spring and flowers in the summer. It's the DIY that keeps on giving and here's how you can make your own:

3 bags of moss
1 styrofoam wreath (mine measured 14 in. across)
Hot glue (and lots of it)
2 yards of Burlap measuring 3 in. wide
Floral wire
Assortment of leaves, pumpkins, etc. (I used items found in a potpourri set from World Market)

10-9 Moss Wreath DIY 2.jpg


1. Heat up the gun and begin gluing the moss to the wreath. I went at it without any rhyme or reason and also used several variations of moss. I also only covered the front and sides, making sure that none of the styrofoam was showing through. To add some depth, I occasionally glued some moss to other pieces of moss.

2. To create the bow, I formed the shape using 1 yard of burlap and instead of tying a knot, I secured the center using some floral wire. Then I trimmed a piece of burlap measuring 5 in. long and folded the sides inward to create a strip measuring approximately 5 x 1 inches. I then wrapped this piece around the center of the bow making sure to cover the wire completely and secured it in place using hot glue.

3. To create a hook to hang the wreath from, cut some more floral wire and thread it through the back of your bow underneath the piece that you just attached. Then twist the ends to form a loop. 

4. Next, cut another piece of burlap and wrap it through the center of the wreath. Attach it to the back of your bow using hot glue.

5. Now add your decor. You can do this either using some more hot glue or for easy removal, I recommend using floral wire and tying each piece into place. And there you have it! Your wreath is ready to be put on display.  

DIY: Vintage-Framed Chalkboard Menu

9-26 DIY Chalkboard Menu.jpg

Yesterday I made the mistake of going to Michael's craft store without a list or project in mind. Whereas normally I would go crazy swooping up everything in sight, this time I just couldn't seem to find anything I needed or wanted. That is, until I stumbled into some chalkboard paper. I nearly jumped for joy after learning about it's existence and the projects immediately started flooding my mind. 

First up, is this vintage-framed chalkboard menu, which I would also like to coin as the easiest DIY ever. All you need is some chalkboard paper ($1.99 for a 12 X 12 in. sheet), the frame of your choice, some scissors and chalk. The steps are pretty self-explanatory from there, but I do have one other secret tool that may come in handy. In order to get the fine lines and detail, I used a white charcoal pencil. It works just about the same as chalk and the end results are beautiful. 


DIY: Paper Diamond Banner


Last week I posted here about my recent obsession with multifaceted objects. Since then, I've not been able to shake the image of the paper ornaments and hanging wedding decor from my head. They're both such unique touches that can be easily modified to suit any occasion. Building off that idea, I thought it would be fun to create a banner version featuring an array of colorful octahedron. I provided the steps below and even created a template here so that you can create your own.

 - Assorted papers
 - Scissors
 - Glue stick
 - String or clear fishing line
 - Scoring board and bone folder (optional)