International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! I am digging the extra dose of positivity, encouragement and support for one another that is flooding my Instagram feed today. It really makes my heart full to see women supporting women, and men doing the same too. I would love to start each day feeling this empowered, which is why I rounded up a few of my favorite products from female entrepreneurs that will serve as great daily reminders that we are all beautiful, strong and capable.  

support your local girl gang | evermore paper co

1. Girl Gang card by Daydream Prints
2. The Future is Female print by Dahlia Press
3. Zodiac Woman series by Sunday Lane Studio
4. Vive le Feminisme card by People I've Loved
5. Alliance print by Laura Berger
6. Girl Gang and Feminist buttons by Alphonnsine
7. The Future is Still Female notepad by Party of One Paper