Save The Letter: 30 Prompts for Handwritten Notes

In celebration of National Letter-Writing Month, the teams behind Egg Press and Hello!Lucky cards launched a campaign encouraging others to write 30 letters during the month of April. Over the last 3 years, the write_on movement has grown to include thousands of participants and I am excited to finally become one of them. I hope that you will join me in writing 30 letters this month and in an effort to motivate us both, I created a list of 30 fun prompts to help us get started. If you're feeling up to the challenge, please be sure to tag your posts with #write_on. Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a set of some of my greeting cards. 

30 Letter-Writing Prompts via Evermore Paper Co.


1. Share a memory
2. Describe your perfect day
3. Draw a picture of your surroundings
4. Give a compliment
5. Tell a story
6. Share your favorite recipe
7. Tell a joke
8. List 3 good things that have happened lately
9. Share a secret
10. Explain why you're happy they're in your life
11. Recap what you did this past weekend
12. Describe a recent dream
13. Give or seek advice
14. Describe what you're most thankful for
15. Share your favorite quote
16. Apologize for a past mistake
17. Make plans for your next outing together
18. Give thanks for something they did for you
19. List an adjective for each letter of their name
20. Describe your daily routine
21. Share your current goals
22. Encourage them to overcome an obstacle
23. Describe something that reminds you of them
24. Show your support for them
25. Share an interesting fact you recently learned
26. Describe something new you recently tried
27. List 5 of your current favorite things
28. Share something you're afraid of
29. Tell them about your role model
30. Describe your favorite place