LEARN // Every year I tell myself that I should take a class, and every year I fail at doing so. I was reminded of my desire to relearn French when I had trouble translating this genius print by @jasminedowling. So I've added that, along with a screen printing or letterpress class, back onto my list of things to do this year. (p.s. It says, "This says something romantic".) 

SEE //  I am desperately awaiting the arrival of spring blooms. The trees are starting to get their buds and I've seen a few stems peeking through the ground, but nothing quite like these beauts that @sarahshermansamuel posted to her feed last spring. 

MAKE // If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen this image earlier in the week. I've been painting all sorts of textures for new products and seriously can't stop. It's so therapeutic and I've been brainstorming a bunch of fun projects to share with you.

WEAR // I have this strange thing about not wearing light denim or cropped jeans during the winter (anyone else the same way?). So, now that we've thawed out, I'm super excited to pull out a few pairs of jeans that have been tucked away since fall, along with some lighter jackets. I'm especially digging this look from ALLSAINTS