30 Day Minimalism Challenge

30 Day Minimalism Challenge via Into Mind

Hello June! With a two-week vacation on the horizon, this month is shaping up to be quite a good one. At first I was a little nervous that so much time away would cause me to lose momentum with Evermore. However, I now realize that there are so many productive ways that I can use this time that will pay off further down the road. It'll be the perfect opportunity to focus on personal growth, collect inspiration, work on new designs and create a strategic plan for the next few months. 

I recently discovered the beautifully-designed blog Into Mind and cannot stop devouring Anuschka's posts. She writes primarily about how to discover your personal style and live a simpler life with less. Her posts are full of useful advice and I thought now could not be any better of time to start her 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. I'm not big into 30 day challenges, but think I can follow through with this one and that some of the habits may actually stick. 

Source: Into Mind