Free Printable Recipe Card

Is it crazy to say that I really don't mind the cold weather right now? Maybe I should mention that I've really only had to venture out into it once in the last three days, but I've been finding all sorts of things to keep me busy at home. For instance, the other night I discovered that I had all the essential ingredients on hand for some chocolate chip cookies and meanwhile realized that my recipes could use some organizing. This was pretty much a win-win situation for me, since I love baking and organizing things. My mom gave me a great recipe binder a few years ago, but I've since run out of recipe cards. I decided to make some of my own and since I figured many of you are probably in the same boat as me, I made it available for download here. It's double-sided and measures 6 x 4 inches and can easily be printed on a blank index card or the card stock of your choice. 

Happy baking & organizing!