Treat Yourself Friday: Get In The Spirit

Less than two weeks until Christmas and so much to cram in before then (including my shopping). After spending the last few weekends preparing for and selling at the Renegade Craft Fair, I'm looking forward to reclaiming what's left of December and filling it with seasonal activities. And since I'll be spending Christmas and New Years in Colorado this year, that doesn't leave me with much time to check the following things off my list:

1. Go to the Chriskindlmarket
2. See the Zoo Lights
3. Find the perfect chocolate martini
4. Scout for the best decorated tree in the city
5. Take a nighttime stroll by the lake with some hot cocoa
6. Ride the Holiday Train
7. Craft the perfect hot toddy
8. Knit a new hat
9. Get drinks at the Signature Lounge or Walnut Room
10. Admire the windows at Macy's