Treat Yourself Friday: Apple Cider Donut Holes

9-27 Apple Cider Donut Holes 1.jpg

This week's Treat Yourself Friday is coming to you in bite size form. Because I have a weakness for all things mini, I immediately pounced on this cake pop maker a few years back. For only $20, it's the best kitchen investment I've ever made. In addition to the cake pop recipes, there are several awesome donut hole recipes. In the spirit of autumn, I decided that the apple cider version would be the perfect compliment to a festive weekend ahead. The cinnamon sugar coating is to die for and I'm looking forward to enjoying them alongside a hot cup of tea or maybe even some hot cider.
Have a sweet weekend!

9-27 Apple Cider Donut Holes 2.jpg
9-27 Apple Cider Donut Hole 3.jpg