DIY: Moss-Covered Wreath

There must be some law of crafting that states the messier the project, the more fun you have creating it. This certainly was the case with this easy DIY. I even considered sharing a photo of what my floor looked like once my wreath was complete, but was just too embarrassed by how out of control things had gotten. That aside, I am completely in love with the end result. I especially like how this project required little skill and the fact that you can display your wreath year-round simply by altering the decor. I plan to replace the fall foliage with acorns in the winter, a miniature bird's nest in the spring and flowers in the summer. It's the DIY that keeps on giving and here's how you can make your own:

3 bags of moss
1 styrofoam wreath (mine measured 14 in. across)
Hot glue (and lots of it)
2 yards of Burlap measuring 3 in. wide
Floral wire
Assortment of leaves, pumpkins, etc. (I used items found in a potpourri set from World Market)

10-9 Moss Wreath DIY 2.jpg


1. Heat up the gun and begin gluing the moss to the wreath. I went at it without any rhyme or reason and also used several variations of moss. I also only covered the front and sides, making sure that none of the styrofoam was showing through. To add some depth, I occasionally glued some moss to other pieces of moss.

2. To create the bow, I formed the shape using 1 yard of burlap and instead of tying a knot, I secured the center using some floral wire. Then I trimmed a piece of burlap measuring 5 in. long and folded the sides inward to create a strip measuring approximately 5 x 1 inches. I then wrapped this piece around the center of the bow making sure to cover the wire completely and secured it in place using hot glue.

3. To create a hook to hang the wreath from, cut some more floral wire and thread it through the back of your bow underneath the piece that you just attached. Then twist the ends to form a loop. 

4. Next, cut another piece of burlap and wrap it through the center of the wreath. Attach it to the back of your bow using hot glue.

5. Now add your decor. You can do this either using some more hot glue or for easy removal, I recommend using floral wire and tying each piece into place. And there you have it! Your wreath is ready to be put on display.